Install Minecraft in Fedora

Minecraft is this game everybody is talking about lately. I found out it existed about two weeks ago and after playing around with the Classic mode in the Left-Handed Toons server, I was convinced I wanted to buy the alpha version which is currently under heavy development.

So I withdrew some founds from my oDesk account and bought the game last friday. That means I was now able to download the jar file and start the game in my computer using my username and password… and so I did.

The thing is having to double-click a jar file every time I wanted to play the game doesn’t look like the best way to “install” an application I’m sure I’ll be using quite often during Christmas. I’m a fedora user and I wanted Minecraft to be available in Gnome at the Applications menu, right under the Games category like any other game.
I decided to spent some time trying to get that done and as result I created the following Bash script.

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