How to Install Aptana Studio 3 in Fedora 15

A friend told me about Aptana Studio, an Open Source web development IDE. I think I used it years ago but then switched to NetBeans for some reason. After taking a look at Aptana’s website I decided I wanted to try it again. Below are three simple steps I followed to install Aptana Studio in Fedora 15.

  1. Download Apatana Studio 3 from and extract the content of the downloaded zip file.
  2. Move Aptana Studio 3 to a standard location[codesyntax lang=”bash”]

  3. Create a file /usr/share/applications/aptana.desktop with the following content:

Although Aptana can be easily run just after you download the application, I like to have menu entries for most of the software I use, hopefully I’m not the only one who thinks like that and the above can help them.

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